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What would the world be like without flavours?

Primarily scentless, most flavours are highly volatile substances, which penetrate our nose and convey typical flavours, like coffee (flavouring agent: Furfurylthiol), or raspberry (flavouring agent: Raspberry Ketone).

CO2-Extraction offers unique possibilities, to obtain these very precious flavours from plant material.

Since flavour components are extremely volatile, meaning they evaporate fast – mostly already at ambient temperature – it is of utmost importance to process at very low temperatures, which is a given by CO2-technology.

During entire extraction process, CO2 creates a protective atmosphere, which prevents degradation of ingredients and guarantees long shelf-life and a consistent flavour experience.

Flavours generated consist of a bouquet of plant-specific fragrances, which is within a close range to original raw material (e.g. fruits).
Proximity to nature and naturalness – any time!

The highly concentrated flavour extracts can be diluted and/or standardized correspondingly and herewith used as tailor-made concentrates, at any later on point in time.

Moreover, additional purification of flavours is not required, since neither interfering solvent residues, nor pesticides or heavy metals, are contained.

Bio-certification is, of course, possible.

Since process is energy-saving and does not produce toxic waste, it is sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

If you want to know, how authentic and intensive flavours, generated via CO2-technology, out of Cardamom, Lemon Balm, Ginger or Clove can be, then get in touch with us!

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What would the world be like without flavours?