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CO2-Extraction: Our Core Competency

A look inside the extraction vessel

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Great variability and flexibility in contract extraction

Variable capacities (3 – 16,000L) of our CO₂-extraction plants guarantee our customers maximum flexibility in refinement of their raw materials and enable scaling from R&D, through pilot to an industrial range. Besides extraction, supercritical CO₂-technology offers the possibility of fractionation, deodorization or decontamination of natural substances.

Our CO2-extraction plants for contract extraction

Contract extraction plants of NATECO₂ are independent units, which operate in batch mode. Due to flexible machine sizes, we can extract raw material quantities, ranging from several kilograms on an R&D-scale, through several 100 kilograms on a pilot scale, up to batches of several 1,000 tons on an industrial scale. We are herewith capable of processing approx. 20,000 tons of various natural substances for our customers annually. Entire process operates automated, controlled as well as documented and guarantees food safety (ISO 22000), along with retraceability.

Our plant technology moreover allows CO₂-Extractions, utilizing maximum pressures of up to 1,000 bar and this uniquely, ranging from a research scope to production scale, for our customers. Substances like astaxanthin, vitamin K and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids can be extracted gently and economically, by using this ultra-high pressure extraction technology, for the first time.

All our units are equipped with two separators and hereby offer possibility of fractionation.

Extraction PlantMax. Pressure (bar)Volume (L)
HDL 31,0003
HDL 41,0005
HD 991,00050
HD 151,000800
HD 03 3001,000
HD 943001,500
HD 85 3008,000
HD 88 30016,000
HD 91 30016,000


We are happy to be at your disposal

In case of any questions on NATECO₂, supercritical CO₂-technology and its diverse application options, our team of experts is happy to be at your disposal!

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