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Cutting-edge processes for high-grade products

Our processes solely use pure carbon dioxide, a gas associated with sparkling beverage applications. Compression of CO₂ results in change of gas into fluid medium, which is ideally suited as solvent and carrier for lipophilic substances. Compressed CO₂ flows through natural substance and takes high-grade oils, fats and waxes with it. Following decompression of high-pressurized “Extract-CO₂-Mixture”, causes separation of solved substances, which can then be retrieved from process. In return, CO₂ re-enters process in a closed loop and is recovered hereby. Modern supercritical CO₂-Extraction provides several advantages, in comparison with conventional processes, for a multitude of applications.

Advantages of scCO2-technology

No chemicals, but an environmentally-friendly process, enables extraction of non-polar substances, like lipophilic vitamins, flavours or colouring agents and preserves their absolute naturalness. No harmful solvents’ residues remain in products, generated via scCO₂-process. On the contrary: Remaining, solved CO₂ in product, acts as a natural shield gas against oxidation. Products extracted via scCO₂-technology are therefore characterized by their sustainability, naturalness, freshness, long shelf life and improved effectiveness.

Our customers

Wherever focus is on naturalness, our supercritical CO₂-processes go into action: Our customers are part of the food & beverages, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical branch.

Supercritical CO2-Extraction enables

  • Supercritical CO₂-process enables
  • effective and selective extraction and preparation
  • generation of substances in their natural form
  • processing without damaging sensitive products
  • production of different fractions in a single step
  • achievement of high yields
  • exclusion of oxygen
  • immediate use of all fractions
  • Recycling of CO₂

Our supercritical CO2-technologies:

CO2 Extraction Process


environmentally-friendly, gentle on the product, high quality


Counter-current column

Refinement via counter-current column


Powder Technology

(Generation of Particles)


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