Product Handling


Tailor-made Product Handling

Handling of a multitude of raw materials and extracts is our daily routine.

CO₂-Extraction plays a key role for us – is under no circumstances considered as a single step however. Not only steps prior to extraction, like adequate preparation of raw materials, but also post-extraction handling of essences and raffinates, are integral parts of the overall process – and of course we take care of this for you! Our decades-long experience guarantees maximum quality and efficiency.

Product Preparation

Optimum preparation of natural substances, prior to extraction, are of essential importance for efficient CO₂-Extraction and quality of finished product. Especially correct grinding and particle size distribution of natural substances play a key role in achievement of high extract yields. Each natural substance has to be considerend and handled individually. Herefore, our company offers internal solutions via different grinding systems, like hammer mill, roller mill or pin mill, but also crushing devices and sieving equipment, as well as presses for pellets. In addition, a variety of strategic partners and a large network of experts, on additional processes for raw material preparation, are at our disposal. We’d be happy to provide consulting!

Our options for Product Preparation:

Product Finishing

Proper product finishing is of utmost importance as well. Liquid or viscous, as well as dried raffinates can be concerned. It goes without saying, that each processing step is executed according to customers’ specifications: You decide on further processing steps, like standardization or powderization, as well as on instructions for filling and packaging. We already offer a multitude of solutions to you of course, but would also be happy to arrange organization individually.

Our options for Product Finishing:


We are happy to be at your disposal

In case of any questions on NATECO₂, supercritical CO₂-technology and its diverse application options, our team of experts is happy to be at your disposal!

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