Nateco2 – Extracting the Essence of Nature

What would the world be like without flavours?

Find out about how to produce highly concentrated flavour extracts with our CO2-Extraction technology. Optional Bio-certification possible.


CO2-Extracted flavours

Nature squeezed into the size of a bottle!

CO2-Extraction for natural substances & other industry sectors

A sustainable technology – various possibilities – a single source for everything!

We provide advice and support you within the supercritical CO2-extraction branch, starting at research and up to marketability. We fulfill individual requirements, regarding development of products and processes and, as a contract manufacturer, assume responsibility for execution of large-scale extractions.

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NATECO2 – Company Premises

Nature’s diversity has been our inspiration since 1962!

Our company name says it all: NATECO₂ stands for more than 35 years of experience in the CO₂-Extraction of natural substances. We have the experts, for gentle carbon dioxide contract extraction of your precious raw materials and qualified contact persons for research, consultancy and analytics.

We are:

  • Service Providers for contract extraction – up to product finishing
  • Consultants for case studies – incl. affiliated analytical laboratory
  • Researchers for feasibility studies – up to implementation on an industrial scale
  • Product and Process Developers – from the first idea up to marketability

Our technology for supercritical CO2-Extraction stands for:

  • Gentle processing in an oxygen-free and antibacterial atmosphere
  • Generation of natural substances without the use of organic solvents
  • Production of different fractions within one process step
  • A sustainable handling of our earth resources

What would the world be like without flavours?

Primarily scentless, most flavours are highly volatile substances, which penetrate our nose and convey typical flavours, like coffee (flavouring agent: Furfurylthiol), or raspberry (flavouring agent: Raspberry Ketone).

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NATECO₂ plus

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CO2-Extracted flavours

Nature squeezed into the size of a bottle!

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