Powder Technology

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Powder Technology
(Generation of Particles)

Powder Technology via supercritical CO2

So-called PGSS-process (Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions) is a high-pressure spraying process, via supercritical CO₂, for generation of particles. Granulated powder is generated out of liquified substances, under CO₂-conditions. Finest particles, which provide new application opportunities, due to their specifically adjustable size, morphology and composition, are formed.

Operating Principle

Primary materials are conveyed, out of a temperature-controlled feeding tank, into a mixer and homogenously blended with CO₂. In a following step, resulting dispersion is depressurized into spraying tower, via a nozzle, to ambient temperature. Thereby dispersion atomizes into finest liquid particles. In parallel released CO₂ causes sudden cooling and droplets solidify into firm particles. In doing so, completely oxygen-free powders, out of very viscous materials, can be generated. In order to separate remaining fine particles, scCO₂ is passed through a cyclone and re-entered into process afterwards.

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High-pressure spraying processes are preferably used, when conventional methods for generation of particles (milling, sieving, spray drying, cristallization) do no longer work. These processes are therefore applied for very viscous and sticky substances, as well as media with an increased proportion of liquid or especially sensitive ingredients, for instance. Typical areas of application can be found within the food, medical and polymers industry.


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