Gentle CO2-Extraction of Natural Substances

We make the most of nature – gently and of high quality!

We have been extracting natural substances since 1962. Today, we operate worldwide and are the largest manufacturer of CO₂-extracts. Nature’s diversity is our inspiration and motivation for sustainable innovations. By using the gentle scCO₂-process, we refine precious active ingredients and high-value essences, out of hops, crops, seeds, nuts, grains, algae, spices and herbs. For us and our customers, nature is an unlimited source of ideas for innovation, which we protect sustainably, by continuously developing our technology.

Our team has long-term experience, in extraction and refinement, at its disposal for:

Not only Omega-3 fatty acids, but also precious carotenoids, like Astaxanthin or Beta Carotene, are enriched in an oxygen-free atmosphere out of algae, e.g. Haematococcus, Dunaliella, Phaeodactylum, Chlorella, Spirulina or Nannochloropsis … Discover more

CO2-Extraction offers unique possibilities to obtain precious flavours out of plant material. If you want to know, how authentic and intensive flavours – generated via CO2-Extraction – can be, access additional information here … Discover more

The industrial hemp plant is directly related to hops. Depending on customers’ demand, individual cannabinoid extracts can be generated with our technology … Discover more

Grains and Seeds

CO2-Extraction offers ideal possibilities for solvent-free generation of exclusive oils and high-protein fractions, out of seeds from sunflower, rice, oat, wheat, millet and amaranth …

 Discover more

Nuts and Fruits
We produce high-quality extracts and low-fat raffinates, out of saw palmetto berries, cocoa, coconut, sea buckthorn, mango, lupine, pomegranate or rosehip … Discover more

Spices and Herbs
We extract essences, flavours and colouring agents, e.g. out of oregano, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, bell pepper, pepper or rosemary … Discover more

Medicinal Plants and Specialty Products
Active ingredients made from calendula, mistletoe, butterbur or valerian are dissolved out of plant matrix effectively and gently, via supercritical CO₂, and collected in fractions … Discover more

Based in the heart of the Hallertau region, the largest hop growing area worldwide, we extract the valuable bitter agents and flavouring substances from hops using our gentle CO2 process. The CO2 extracts offer the master brewer a large variety of possibilities for creating exclusive types of beer … Discover more

Purification of natural ingredients
Often times our given task does not only include production of potent extracts, but also removal of unwanted substances in natural products. Based on customers’ requirements, our process can be adjusted in a flexible manner and defatting, deodorization, decaffeination and decontaminations executed … Discover more


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In case of any questions on NATECO₂, supercritical CO₂-technology and its diverse application options, our team of experts is happy to be at your disposal!

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