Quality Control


QUALITY CONTROL in our Analytical Laboratory

Analytical competency generated by long-term experience

For more than 35 years, a huge variety of botanical raw materials has been processed and also analyzed at NATECO₂. Focus is on quality control, represented by product accompanying analytics. Measuring procedures established during this time period and thereby gained knowledge, reflect our analytical competency built up in this area. Main areas of analytical methods include content determination of botanical ingredients and examination for presence of plant protection agent residues.

Our laboratory

  • monitors and guarantees quality of entire range of extracts
  • develops and implements new methods of analysis
  • supports Production Department during processing

Our equipment

  • 8 HPLC-Units
  • 6 Gas-Chromatographs
  • Soxtherm (fat extraction)
  • Conductivity/Viscosity Meter
  • Photometer
  • Steam Distillation

Upon request, we’d be happy to provide you with an excerpt of analysis parameters of individual analysis methods.

Our Analytical Laboratory is qualified & accredited, according to DIN ISO 17025, and offers analytical services independently also for external customers.
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