Extraction of carotenoids with supercritical CO₂


Extraction of carotenoids with supercritical CO₂

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Introduction: “We live in a world of mixtures – the air we breathe, the food we eat, the gasoline in our automobiles …:” [1]. Therefore raw materials as well as synthetic products have to be separated into desired and undesired components for further use. Since 1979 CO2 as solvent for the separation of high-graded products at moderate conditions is used at NATECO2. Most of the commercial CO2– extraction-plants work at pressures lower than 300 bars. With ascending pressure the solubility for different substances is rising. Consequently also the extraction of carotinoids with CO2 in an effective and economical way is possible through higher pressures. Carotenoids have many physiological functions. They are efficient free-radical scavengers and enhance the vertebrate immune system.

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