High-grade Extraction of Medicinal Plants and Specialty Products via CO₂

Gentle extraction of medicinal plants and specialty products

Selectivity of CO₂-extraction enables production of products with a high content of active components, while completely preserving characteristics of natural substance. Neither syntheses, nor chemical reactions are utilized. Current trend for natural remedies therefore highly focuses on plant-based CO₂-extracts.

Extraction of butterbur

Plant reaches heights in between 40 and 120 centimetres and is domiciled in Central Europe. Greeks and Romans valued butterbur, as a remedy for malignant ulcers and folks during the Middle Ages used it against pestilence. Modern CO₂-butterbur extractions are nowadays, for instance used against convulsive ailments, as migraine prevention or an antiallergic.

Extraction of mistletoe

Mistletoes are evergreen hemiparasites, which grow on trees or bushes and are spread globally within tropical, subtropical and temperate zones. Natural healing research examined positive effect of CO₂-extracts, on strengthening of immune system, for e.g. cancer patients.

Additional product options for CO₂-extraction:

No matter, whether ingredients out of valerian, feverfew, camomile or St. John's wort, special colouring agents made from tomato peels or flower material, antioxidants out of bark material or broccoli seeds, lipophilic vitamins made from Bacillus subtilis or alpine plants shall be generated - all of this is possible via our CO₂-extraction!

Advantages of our scCO₂-production process for extraction of medicinal plants and specialty products

Due to unique variability of scCO₂-process parameters, these can be adjusted to corresponding task individually, so that active ingredients can be extracted and fractionated in a focused manner. Already upon one single step and without critical solvents, high concentrations of active ingredients for natural medicine can be achieved.
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