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Social commitment of NATECO₂

Since 2013 we have refrained from sending out christmas presents and have donated for charitable purposes instead. In addition, we regularly support local clubs and are a member of the booster club for Wolnzach's Hops Museum.

Our Christmas Campaign 2022

2022 we gladly supported non-profit Educational Center „Heilpädagogisches Zentrum – HPZ gemeinnützige GmbH“, with a financial contribution for an additional escape route, via rescue chute, for the Early Intervention Centre in Pfaffenhofen. This rescue chute can also be used for therapeutical purposes, in order to help children overcome their fears and find joy in exercise.
Fundamentally, the organization supports and fosters children with special educational needs and handicaps.

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"We are at home in Wolnzach" - Financial contribution to Childrens' Day 2022 in Wolnzach

On July 02nd, 2022, after an unfortunately long break caused by the pandemic, the "Childrens' Day in Wolnzach" was able to take place again.
NATECO₂ supported this event, executed at its home venue, with a contribution of € 500, in order to enable children to enjoy a carefree afternoon, after all the challenges and restrictions throughout the past 2 years.
The free-of-charge gaming fun for our Little Ones featured, besides handicraft work, goal-shooting contests and bull riding, also climbing action and a carousel.

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Christmas Donation 2021

In order to foster commitment to sports of our children & youngsters, the "C-Youth" football team (age group: below 13/14) of "Home & Sports Team Rottenegg" looked forward to NATECO₂-sponsored players' jerseys for Christmas.

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Christmas Donation 2020

For 2020, we once again decided to refrain from sending out Christmas presents.
Instead, the "Cabrini"-institution in Offenstetten looked forward to a NATECO₂ sponsored tepee tent, serving as a new playground and meeting place for handicapped children.
The "Cabrini House" is a facility for disabled children, youngsters and adults, finding support there 7 days a week.

Christmas Donation 2019

Beneficiary of the donation, amounting to € 1,000.-, was the "Cabrini House" in Ofenstetten. It is a facility for handicapped children, youngsters and adults, who are supported there 7 days a week.
Currently approx. 70 children and youngsters, as well as more than 100 adults, are living comfortably in this institution.

The Catholic Youth Welfare in Regensburg serves as sponsor.

Our donation allows children and youngsters to attend horseback-riding, or vaulting lessons, for example.
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